Buckle up, folks! We have yet another 2023 example of a super-Karen!

A passenger was SO non-compliant after being told she would not be served any wine, there was no choice but to land a flight from Houston to LA prematurely in Phoenix, Arizona.

A four-part series of the magical event was shared by TikTok user @bperkins33 for your viewing pleasure. Let's begin with the first video:

Things continued to escalate, likely because Karens are not well-known for having much insight to how their emotional expressions may affect those around them. For me, purely my opinion, Karens are one of the most bizarre and bewildering 'types' of people on the planet.

Now, onto the second video. Things really begin to heat up:

Now, onto video number three. My favorite part is the man telling her to "SIT DOWN NOW!" So hilarious. It reminds me of my dad scolding me when I was a child. I guarantee that guy is either a father or a teacher.

Check it out below:

She just couldn't seem to get it through her thick, drunk, skull that she was going to end up in JAIL for her behavior. Can you imagine being trapped on a flight with this kind of person? Flying alone is terrifying, but being around an unruly passenger makes matters much worse and much more tense. You have no idea what is going to happen, and you are up in the air! No, thank you. Jeez.

Below is the final video, and the moment everyone was anxiously waiting for. The crazy woman finally sits the hell down. I probably would have been clapping.

Note to everyone out there: Make sure that you will be able to make your flight without having any adverse reactions to your medication, alcohol, or the general public. If you just can't.....you might end up on the internet. TikTok can be quite the unforgiving place.


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