This Waco, Texas Man Just Recreated the Solar Eclipse with a Frying Pan, and It’s Out of This World!

Get ready for an awesome story from Waco, Texas.

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X user Enrique Galindo loves looking at the stars in his backyard. When he heard about the solar eclipse coming up, he didn't go buy special glasses or telescopes like everyone else. Nope, not Enrique.

It's Getting Close

Armed with nothing but a trusty frying pan, some good ol’ Texas sunshine, and a sprinkle of creativity, John set out to recreate the magic of a solar eclipse right in his own backyard. And let us tell you, the results were nothing short of spectacular.


Partial Eclipse

As the moon started its slow dance in front of the sun, casting its shadow across the land, Enrique positioned his frying pan just right to catch the celestial show. With the precision of a seasoned chef, he carefully angled the pan to be between the sun and the camera.



Thanks to Enrique’s ingenuity and a healthy dose of Texas sunshine, folks in Waco got to witness a solar eclipse like never before. Who needs high-tech gadgets when you’ve got a frying pan and a dash of imagination?

So, the next time you find yourself gearing up for a cosmic event, why not take a page out of Enrique's playbook and get a little creative? Who knows, you might just cook up something out-of-this-world!


Check out the video below:


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