These media jobs aren’t as easy as they look.

That’s one of the first things I learned when I started working in radio. I remember growing up listening to the radio and thinking that being a DJ had to be the coolest and easiest job on the planet.

And while it’s most certainly the coolest job this old boy has ever had, there are times when it’s difficult to find the words to truly get your point across without leaving listeners confused as to what exactly you were getting at.

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However, I can forgive myself for overthinking things. But it’s extremely frustrating when I get tongue-tied and mess up the easiest part of the job.

For instance, we’re currently doing a contest on The Buzz in which we’re sending the winner and a friend to see Disturbed in Denver. Well, for about the first week of the contest, I would say “Denver in Disturbed” damn near every time I talked about the contest.

So, I totally feel Fox 4 reporter Peyton Yager’s pain.

While doing a live report on a Dallas murder investigation, she became frazzled when reporting on the $250,000 bond that was set for the suspect. The thing is, she got it right the first time. But it’s when she started overthinking that it all fell apart.

Peyton eventually recovered and continued the report like the pro she is.

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