'Tis the season to start prepping for repelling mosquitoes. Honestly, bug spray is the last thing most of us want during an outdoor gathering with friends and family. Hiking and camping are fine but when we spend so much time outside, it's nice to know there are pleasant smells we can take advantage of.

We're all familiar with citronella candles as the most well-known, lemony scent for deterring those pesky, unwelcome guests to our outdoor BBQs. But here are three more smells you may prefer to try according to The Spruce website as well as the Pest Pointers website.


This is one of the most popular smells at spas. It even tastes delicious in water or flavored iced tea. So how exciting that this wonderful smell is something mosquitoes hate. Plant it in your garden, arrange lavender in vases around your outdoor entertainment area, or dab yourself with lavender oil.


Another calming and fresh fragrance that is repulsive to mosquitoes this one interferes with their full ability to function properly. From a eucalyptus plant to candles to body sprays, this one is a winner.


The refreshing fragrance of citrus is so spring and summer that we can all get behind with that crisp orange or grapefruit smell. It also keeps mosquitoes at bay. So finding an oil or spray for yourself is a must if you like the scent. On a side note, a lemon balm plant with a strong but very nice lemon smell is a gardening favorite.

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