Our beloved Matthew McConaughey is returning to the University of Texas at Austin as Professor of Practice. He got rave reviews in his visiting professor role, and is now coming back in spring of 2023 to co-teach a new course.

Who's Excited?

His return to University of Texas in Austin is to give students a crash course on commercials. According to the class description, the course is called Script to Screen: Commercials. Students will be studying and analyzing his latest commercial works.

He's Got Some Street Cred

This is not his first rodeo. McConaughey graduated from UT Austin back in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in radio, TV, and film. He started teaching for the University in 2015 and has since turned Moody College of Communication upside down not only by teaching, but by also helping to develop the courses curriculum.

This course will be co-taught with Scott Rice, lecturer and director, and Laura Bright, associate professor. It will begin in the Spring 2023 semester. Not just anybody can take this course though - it's only available to majors.

Then And Now

In a previous course taught by McConaughey, students learned script drafts, shot lists, storyboards, and early edits. Even exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage of some of his films were studied. It hasn’t been a clear which commercials in particular will be discussed in this new course, but I trust that some of those Lincoln car adds will be on the list. Love to see it.

Hit Us Up

If you plan on taking Matt's (because we are friends, lol) course, download our free app. Tap the chat button and send me a message. Let me know how excited you are. We can pump you up on our Facebook Page. Until then, enjoy the rest of 2022.

K-Lew out!

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