Bell County has many individuals that in it. With so many individuals here in the state, some may make some decisions that aren't the best. Some of these choices may unfortunately against the law.

Because of their choices, they might to run from law enforcement. These citizens of Texas could find themselves in more trouble for attempting to run from the police. As a result, they end up on the Most Wanted list for Bell County.

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The Texans on the list are wanted for various reasons, and you can help bring these individuals to justice. If you've seen any of the Texans on this list, you are encouraged to call local law enforcement or Bell County Crime Stoppers at 254-526-8477.

All details are provided by Bell County and Bell County Crime Stoppers.

ALERT: These Bell County, Texas Most Wanted For July 2023

Many individuals in Bell County believe try to run from police in the state. But you can help bring them to justice. Have you seen these individuals?

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