Did anybody just feel a chill just now? We couldn't have been the only ones who felt it right? What might have possibly caused that short freeze?

We're not sure, but what we are sure of is that we're already excited for Bell County Comic Con. Set to come back again in August, the event is sure to bring out everyone to just nerd out for their favorite shows.

But one thing that really brings people out is the guests that come to visit during the event. Many people that you wouldn't expect to visit Central Texas have brought their talents to the area. Wrestlers, TV Stars, and various others have come to the con.

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But this next one? We're not sure if we're ready for walls to be kicked down.

Chuck Norris In Central Texas? No Way!

Yes, you read that right. Chuck Norris will be coming to the Bell County Comic Con:

First off: WOW!!! We're all allowed to geek out over this, after all it's Chuck FREAKING Norris! Second, we must know how this deal went down.

Was there a lot of karate kicking around the room while the deal was made? For all of us, it would be really wonderful if that was the case. So now we've got another reason to go to the con.

For more information on the Bell County Comic Con, you can visit their website right here. One thing is for sure, we're getting ready to nerd out once again!

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