We've discussed at length some of underrated restaurants in Temple, Texas. We've got over 30 you can see here and here. Thanks to your votes, certain eateries were given their overdue time in the spotlight. But there are still so many place in Central Texas that we wondered something.

Recently, we asked AI where retirement was best in the state. Some of its answers were sensible, but some where just plain whacky. So we had a simple idea: use AI  technology to find out where the best places to eat in Temple. To our surprise, there isn't much overlap from what Central Texans chose and the robot suggested.

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In fact, the robots chose some interesting places. So we had to do a little bit research to confirm the robot overloads weren't trying to mislead us. As it turns out, they were right, for the most part at least.

The 10 Best Temple, Texas Restaurants As Picked By...AI?

Looks like the robots get hungry too. What's their choices for food?

Maybe we can help the AI out a little bit here. Got any additions? Let us know on our FREE station app using the chat feature!

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