While the COVID-19 pandemic was declared over in May of 2023, the disease itself has still been prominent in our daily lives. People still are getting sick due to COVID, as well as cases still growing due to a new mutation discovered.  With questions still looming as to what the future looks like, many have wondered if their is an end in sight.

Life still goes on however. But that isn't to say that the threat of COVID doesn't loom over Texans heads. With more the possibility of new variants on the way, some in the state have been taking precautions to keep themselves healthy.

Recently, a school district in the Lone Star State was forced to shut down for a week due to the rise in COVID cases. So some in the state are beginning to believe that mask mandates could come back. But, will they?

Mask Mandates And The State Of Texas

Back in 2021, The Texas Mask Mandate was lifted by Governor Greg Abbott:

The rise of cases not only in the state, but also around the nation as a whole has indeed prompted some to bring back the mandates. However, at present time, Abbott has staunchly opposed the return of any mandate:

It is currently unknown if anything could change Abbott's stance on the matter, even with the increase of cases.

We turn the question over to you: With the ongoing rise of COVID cases, would you approve or disapprove of mask mandates returning? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our station app.

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