The trial of Elizabeth Holmes had many eyes upon it ever since the beginnings of it back in 2018. Her company, Theranos became the talk of the nation after the Wall Street Journal showed issues in certain aspects of the business. Now, Holmes will be in an area familiar to her, where she will serve her sentence.

Holmes' Trial And Subsequent Sentence

According to CNN, Holmes, out of the 11 charges presented against her, was found guilty on four of them. The charges were 3 counts of wire fraud and one charge of conspiracy to defraud investors. This was in November of 2022.

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On May 17th of 2023, Holmes put forward a request to remain out of jail on bail while appeals were ongoing, but that request was refused by the judge. The judge then stated Holmes would need to appear at the detention center by the date of May 30th of 2023.

Holmes did indeed report to prison, but it was in an area that Holmes is somewhat acquainted with.

Holmes Serving Her Sentence In Texas

CNN also reports that Holmes began her sentence in Bryan, Texas on May 30th. Holmes, pending any changes due to the appeals, will be at the institution for 11 years. What some may not know, is that before Holmes relocated to California, she attended school in Houston, Texas.

The Bureau Of Prisons also stated to CNN that: “We can confirm Elizabeth Holmes has arrived at the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Bryan in Bryan, Texas, and is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons."

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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