We've all had those unnerving moments in life haven't we? Imagine it being a dark night, and you're laying in bed. It's quiet, as well, you're probably trying to fall asleep.

While laying there, you suddenly here an unknown noise in your living quarters. A little rattled, you look around your abode. Finding nothing thankfully, you return to bed wondering if something paranormal occurred.

Then you think, "Am I the only one who's had an experience like this?" As it turns out, no, no you're not.

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Ghost Sightings Are Very High In The State Of Texas?

Yes, it looks like Ghosts favor the Lone Star State, or at least the data shows so. According to House Beautiful, a staggering amount of specters have been seen in Texas. 7,315 in fact!

That's a lot of ghosts to say the least, and it landed Texas at number one on the list, with California landing second. But does this necessarily mean Texas is truly the spookiest in the nation? Well, thankfully for us, there's data to find out.

Data Regarding Spooky Times In Texas

MoveBuddha provides the criteria for how states were placed in the rankings, using the scores called:

- Spook
- Boo
- Creep

How appropriate right? Well, let's steel our nerves and find out where Texas ranked. Overall, with a spook score of 5.8, boo score of 6.5, and creep score of 7.6, Texas ended up in the top ten of nation!

That's right. sitting at number nine on the list was the Lone Star State. So this begs the question...have you seen a ghost in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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