You know the drill here in Texas, we make everything big. It could be a sandwich, or even a store, the state likes it large and in charge. Sometimes though, the item in question isn't what we expected.

But what if there is two of the item in question? It could be rare in other states right? Not in Texas though!

Yes another big shopping cart is in Texas, and everybody's favorite Texas brand is to set to be on it. Why you ask? Well why not?

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H-E-B And Shopping Cart Showoff

Chron has the details about this second gigantic shopping cart we've seen in the Lone Star State. But unlike the unknown details of the first one we saw, this one was brought about by one individual.

It may be hard to believe, but the cart is actually property of H-E-B, which we can only imagine the amount of pepperoni lasagnas it could hold, but we digress. An H-E-B logistics planner took on the task of creating the item.

The brave soul's name? Carroll Wesch. He stated to Chron that it took him seven months to make. I mean just look at it:

No wonder it took a long while to make. There's a probably a lot that had to go into making the dream a reality. But where can you see the item soon?

The H-E-B Shopping Cart In Public

Glad you asked! It will be appearing in a car parade located in Houston, Texas. You can read more about it here thanks to Chron. Let's hope this cart shows up in Central Texas soon too!

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