Ah Dr. Pepper. I think it's a requirement to love the drink in the state of Texas isn't it? Especially for us in Central Texas, as it was invented in Waco after all.

Dr. Pepper over the years has had different variations and flavors. We even have our favorite mixes of other beverages with it to make a tasty concoction. But there's one way many of us probably don't drink sodas: warm.

It's weird to drink warm sodas isn't it? Sometimes you can get away with drinking a room temperature soda, but that depends on the amount of heat in the room. But one thing is for sure, warm soda isn't the best to enjoy.

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Yet, before most of our times, there was a way to enjoy Dr. Pepper, and the fact of the matter is, it's probably unexpected. How did some enjoy the Texas beverage? Hot.

Yes, Hot Dr. Pepper Used To Be A Thing

According to Serious Eats, Hot Dr. Pepper was a drink people willingly drank. Which is the most confusing sentence we've typed in while if we're being honest here. But what was the purpose of even floating the idea of a hot soda?

Well to combat the winter of course! Serious Eats states that when profits went down during the chilly months, marketing switched to telling the population to try a hotter version of the soda.

Serious Eats says the recipe for a hot Dr. Pepper is to heat the soda in a sauce pan to 180 degrees, pour it over a thinly sliced lemon, and then it's good to go.

All of this...sounds interesting but I'm not sure if we'd try it. Would you? Let us know on our FREE station app by using the chat feature!

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