The area around us in Killeen, Texas is always growing, and that's a known fact.

It always seems like everywhere we turn, there's a new business popping up in Texas, or new homes being built. So much in fact, the Texas Comptroller has the data to prove it! But that's not all in terms of the population continuing to increase.

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According to KVUE, the population, at least by projections to 2050, is set to reach 3 million people. So there isn't any signs of the growth stopping soon. But how is that affecting the area around us?

Well, it does bring many with new jobs to the area, and one thing that will go up? The income of households around here.

Wait, How Much Do Certain Households Around Killeen Make?

So where could you find the rankings of income from houses around Killeen you ask? Well, it looks like Stacker has us covered. So without further ado, let's see the data, for some of us, try to keep our jaws from falling onto the ground.

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