There's one thing that many in the state of Texas can always talk about, and that is movies. We've all got our favorites don't we? I personally love Marvel films, which I've now reminded myself I need to catch up on those as well.

But here's something we can all take pride in too, and that's when a film uses the state of Texas as a filming location. That's pretty cool isn't it? Some of us might even recognize landmarks and places we've driven by, or even our hometown.

However, not all films are created equal. In fact some can be downright painful to watch, and that's certainly the case with one I would consider the worst movie ever shot in Texas.

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Manos: The Hands Of Fate, The Worst Movie Shot in Texas?

Hitting a rare 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, Manos: The Hands Of Fate is a must watch for anyone who make movies.

Yes, if you want to get into filmmaking, you need to watch this POS. Why? Simply put, there are a lot of things that films does spectacularly wrong, so it's a great lesson in what NOT to do.

They are plenty of jarring jump cuts, the editing of the film is sometimes weird, and the overall plot sometimes just doesn't make sense. Not to mention the acting is only ever flat as a board or ridiculously over the top. There's never a sane middle.

So in short, it's a film you have to see to believe.

Yes, This Bizarre Movie Was Made In Texas

But what's more unbelievable? The movie was filmed here in the Lone Star State! Specifically, according to IMDB, in the cities of El Paso and Ysleta.

In all fairness, the movie was written, directed, and produced by a guy named Harold P. Warren. What, you've never heard of this auteur director? That's because he was a fertilizer and insurance salesman who made the movie based off a bet. I guess you can say every movie is a gamble, but this one was like rolling your dice into a toilet and waving goodbye to them as you flushed.

Watch Manos: The Hands of Fate, or Watch It Get Goofed On

So if you want to see the film in all its glory, we've got it right here for you:

But if you want to hear some people with actual talent giving it grief, check out the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version:

Happy watching everyone!

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