The precariousness of using social media to talk to people you've never met was demonstrated recently with tragic results. A young teen from Texas was recently discovered on the other side of country after living through a horrific ordeal.

Details Of The Case As We Know Them

According to WBTV in North Carolina, the man suspected of abducting the unnamed child has been identified as 34-year-old Jorge Camacho. He's alleged to have been in contact with the victim on a social, and Davidson County Sheriff Richard Simmons says the interactions between the two were “consistent with grooming and enticement.”

WXII-TV reports that the girl was being held captive by Camacho in Lexington, NC. She was reportedly locked inside what was described as an "outbuilding" in which Camacho was living. The owner of the adjacent home said Camacho was a friend of their son, and they were letting him stay in the structure because he had nowhere else to go, and that they were unaware of any nefarious behavior.

The Girl Is Back in Texas

Following her rescue, the 13-year-old was transported back to Dallas after receiving medical care.

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Her Alleged Abductor Faces Serious Charges

Investigation revealed that Camacho allegedly compensated the young girl to entice her to leave her house. Following payment, the suspect took her to Lexington, Kentucky after picking her up in a car that contained registration to an unnamed address in Davidson County.

Camacho was placed on a $1,250,000 bond. He was also charged with multiple crimes:

- Human trafficking
- Statutory rape of a child under 15 (two counts)
- Child abduction
- Indecent liberties with a child
- Statutory sexual offense with a child under 15 (two counts)
- Felonious restraint of a child

Law & Crime reports that more charges may be pending.

The Two Met Online

The victim's mother told reporters that Camacho and her daughter met online while playing a video game together, and had been chatting on Discord for months before the abduction.

It's a tragic and terrifying reminder to parents to be mindful of what their children do online, and who they're talking to.

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