One of the first lessons we ever get the privilege of learning in life is that you never have to be hungry to eat. Killeen, Texas is hoping you bring your hunger and your charity to the First Annual: Battle of the Food Trucks at the Killeen Special Events Center.

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The desire is for foodies all across Central Texas to gather for a family fun evening of eclectic and incredible edible options. Not only will you be able to sample food from several different cuisine choices, you will be filling your bellies while filling up your neighbors in need.

Who is the beneficiary of the First Annual Battle of the Food Trucks?


This is a clear case of a win, win scenario, or maybe more accurately, a win, win, win, win, win scenario. It is said that when you do something for others, you do more for yourself.

Knowing that you can enjoy an evening filled with food truck delicacies while also benefiting a New Life Village, is the definition of feeding your soul and your stomach at the same time.

When will Battle of the Food Trucks Be?


The event is planned for Friday evening, October 20th and is scheduled to run from 11:30 AM until 9:30 PM. There will be raffles with around 50 great prizes, and live entertainment from local artists.

A $5 parking donation will be collected for every car, and you can get more information from this Facebook event page.

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