Recently in Waco, a 17 year old individual was taken into custody due to the vehicle he was driving having items that were unorthodox.

Bertin Lopez-Jimenez And His Crimes Discovered

According to KWTX, law enforcement first received intel about potential suspicious activity in a southern Waco neighborhood. After the officers arrived in the area, they found a vehicle, identified as a Chevrolet pickup.

Law enforcement pulled over the vehicle due to the license being described as "fictitious." KWTX reports the phrase in question was a "sexual spanish slur." KWTX also reported that headlights were defective on the pickup as well. Officers after pulling over the vehicle used a K9 Unit and discovered Lopez-Jimenez had bought over four individuals across the US-Mexico border illegally.

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Police also found money, in total of $19,250. But how the money was obtained is currently investigation as well.

Conflicting Stories Of Obtaining The Money In The Vehicle

According to affidavits, Lopez-Jimenez said the money was to be used to pay the four unnamed immigrants for work they did on roofs in the area in Waco. Investigators contest this, saying Lopez-Jimenez was paid with the money in the vehicle to transport the individuals.

Two of the individuals of the car, according to affidavits, stated to police they paid $5,000 to illegally cross the border, with the third claiming to have paid $3,000. The fourth said they crossed the border of their own accord.

As this is a developing story, more information will be reported when it becomes available.

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