The following news release was issued by Janell J. Lewis Ford, Executive Director of Communications for the City of Killeen

KILLEEN, Texas (Jan. 22, 2023) – The City of Killeen has partnered with the Moss Rose Center to provide a warming center for those in need on Sunday, Jan. 22 at 6p.m. through Monday at 9a.m.

Dinner will be served at the Moss Rose Center (1103 East Avenue E) and the Center will stay open overnight to provide shelter to those in need. If no one is utilizing the service by 11:30 p.m., then the warming center will close.

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City warming centers are set up to offer temporary relief from the cold. The center does not offer full sheltering services, as no beds, bedding material or showers are provided.

Those looking to donate supplies or food, should contact the Moss Rose Center by calling (254)327-1164.

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