It is the greatest defeat of a computing system in human history since David Lightman and Joshua defeated the WOPR at Global Thermonuclear War. An Oklahoma 13 year old actually brought the receipts and is now believed to be the first human to win the classic NES game Tetris.

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For the record, Lightman and Joshua might have beaten their game the year before Tetris was released in 1984, but they also had to use a tic tac toe cheat code to be victorious. It would definitely be fair to say there is a pretty serious asterisk in play to be attached to their claim to fame.

Whatchu Talkin' About, Willis? How did a 13 year old Oklahoma gamer win Tetris?

If you watch the video, you will see that he had already maxed out the score by achieving all 9s before beating the game. The name of the gamer is Willis Gibson of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Almost as big of a thrill as actually winning a game is when the score rolls over to all zeros, but Tetris did not have this function. So, even after running the score up to the maximum, the game continued to drop random tetromino pieces.

Finally, on level 157 the coding ran out and the game locked. You can tell Gibson recognized the accomplishment immediately while simultaneously being astonished because the game froze without warning.

Stillwater is the hometown for Oklahoma State University, and I do not know if they have a competitive video game team, but they should definitely extend a full ride scholarship to Gibson.

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