Lately, parents in the state of Texas have begun the process to take their children out of STAAR Testing. The reasoning from some parents is simple, here's what is known.

Parents Removing Their Children From STAAR Testing In State

According to KCEN, Texas requires that 95% of students must take part in the STAAR examinations. If the percentage is not met by a district, disciplinary measures may occur to said district. Parents who make the decision to take their student out of the testing process don't face issues if they decide to do so.

KCEN reports that one of the major reasons parents in the Lone Star State are removing their children from STAAR is that it is causing undue stress. Multiple parents talked to the news organization revealed how the exam preparations have affected their students.

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Parents Talk To KCEN About STAAR Tests

One parent, Lillian Wesley, described to KCEN how her child felt during the week of testing:

"He gets anxiety. He can't sleep. He just he dreads going to school for testing. Some parents are like, just get over it and take a test. No, we all have choices in life and you can't dictate to me what my child has to do."

Joven, the child of Lillian, also told the news organization that his fellow classmates were alerted to him not taking the test:

"I ended up getting pulled out of my first period class and I was told that I will not pass and they made it very obviously, that they were trying to raise their voice...I was in the hallway, so I'm pretty sure that all my classmates heard that.

Another parent, from Killeen, Texas, Hope Smith, reported to KCEN that her child felt the repercussions from being pulled out of STAAR Testing:

"He was punished and didn't get an ice cream like everybody else...You just humiliated him in front of everybody because now the whole classroom has ice cream except for my child. You singled him out. You're punishing him. For what? He did absolutely nothing wrong."

Smith's child, who is in 5th grade and has autism, was taken out of the testing in 3rd grade.

Have you taken your child out of STAAR testing in Texas? Let us know by sending us a message using our free station app.

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