Texas, you all know who are The Simpsons are right?

I mean, the family has been in the waves of pop culture since December on 1989, when they first entered our homes via the TV. Since their arrival, many know who Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie are. In addition to all of this, there's so many different types of merchandise have been produced in regards to the show.

Personal favorite you ask? The Simpsons pinball table!

But there's more than just pinball of course. Many buildings and places from the show have made their way in the actual world. Wouldn't you know it, one very familiar drinking spot has made it's way to the Lone Star State!

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Moe's Tavern, But Make It Texas Style!

Yes indeed, Austin, Texas will have a Moe's Tavern during the Halloween season. Don't believe us? Well, they're having someone who worked on the show appear at the bar:

Yes, before you even ask, the business, known as Nickel City Bar, is decorated like the famous tavern itself. Which is always a nice touch. But...you can't just change physically right?

Yes, indeed, even the website of the establishment has changed to Moe's Tavern. Complete with a Simpsons Themed Menu! But there's one more thing you should know...

It's Not Just In Austin, Texas!

That's right, there will be TWO Moe's Taverns in Texas. Truly everything is bigger here after all. The other location will be, according to the website, in Fort Worth, Texas.

So it looks like we'll be heading to Austin to enjoy a Duff or two, see y'all there!

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