Recently, several owners of food trucks located at The Yard in Downtown Temple, Texas have been experiencing break-ins. Several have reported theft well beyond food products, like generators and power cords.

Temple, Texas' Food Truck Park Is A Treasure

Communities benefit when we all support each other, and if we can't respect other people's property, then those properties will cease to exist. If you have never been to a place like The Yard, you may not realize how special it is to be able to access so many eateries simultaneously.

It's like visiting the food court back in the day at your favorite mall. You could ala carte together the greatest meal every single time and it could always be the same, or you could switch it up for countless options.

You might start with a chicken sandwich at one counter, decide you like the curly fries from another spot across the way, and wash it all down with an iced coffee from a 3rd location.

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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things!

If these food trucks continue to be targeted by opportunistic thieves, The Yard might very well go away, and we all know once something is gone, there is a very real chance it will never return.

According to this article with KCEN-TV, Mama Lama (where Tommy Paradise had one of his all-time favorite burgers) has been victimized twice recently, and they are not alone.

What can be done to prevent these incidents remains the biggest question. The police station is literally next door, and that hasn't deterred the crimes or would-be crimes like attempting to haul off whole trailers.

As always, if you have any information, please contact Temple PD: (254) 298-5500.

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