Finally, it's one moment many in Temple, Texas have awaited.

Back in September of 2023, a Whataburger simply vanished before our eyes. Many wondered why it disappeared so quickly, as some, like us, had just visited the restaurant recently. Then, with no warning, the building was torn down, leaving an empty parking lot, and an empty hole in our hearts.

When we originally discussed the disappearance, a worker from the eatery, Macy Williams, reached out to confirm the Whataburger wasn't going away forever. Her words rung true, and now there's a brand new building in the area. But now, there's another question raised.

When will hungry residents of Temple be able to eat there? Some of passed it wondering when it will open. Thankfully, it looks like the wait is finally over!

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Temple, Texas Whataburger Reopening Soon

The Temple Daily Telegram reports that the eatery is set to open on January 16th, 2024. In an email to news organization, a spokesperson for Whataburger confirmed the opening date. The Telegram also reported the plan was to attempt to open the eatery in November, but they didn't come to pass.

So finally, we've reached the end a long road without the Whataburger next to Dutch Bros and Black Rifle Coffee. To be honest, it's been way too long without one in driving distance of the station.

Can you tell we're excited? How about you? Let us know your excitement by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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