Tax time is always a stressful stretch for everyone. Getting all the documents you need, making sure all the boxes are checked, and most importantly, all the items arrive and you get a big refund rather than owing money.

There are many ways people in the Lone Star State choose to file their tariffs. But one thing is for sure, some of us could some assistance right? I mean we did mention it's daunting task to do after all.

Recently however, one business is set to reimburse certain individuals in the state of Texas for using the service, when they could've done their tax filings another way.

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Intuit Turbo Tax And The Recent Settlement

According to KXAN, Intuit TurboTax was ordered to pay back nearly 4.4 million individuals for their actions. The decision comes after it was discovered in 2022 the company made certain people, who could potentially file their taxes for no charge via the IRS Free File Program, pay the company for their federal tax returns. The years in which those were affected were 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Citizens in Texas will be alerted to if they qualify for the restitution via an email or a postcard sent to their address. Mailing of the money will happen during the month of May in 2023. Texans will be eligible for up to $28 or $29 dollars. More details can be found here.

So Texans, keep you eyes peeled for a potential refund. And never forget to do your taxes on time because it's important!

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