An unknown substitute teacher in Texas is currently facing investigation after an assignment regarding a puppet show included the caveat that worried many students as the per the district. Here's what is known at the time of writing.

Details Of The Assignment

As reported by KXAN, the incident occurred in Hays County, at Johnson High School. A statement from the district revealed what the assignment entailed:

“Students report that the substitute assigned them to perform a puppet show in which at least one puppet had to be murdered. Additionally, one group of students reports that their performance would have involved a mass shooting, though it is not clear if that was the specific assignment or a scene created to meet the parameters of the assignment.”

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A parent, who remained anonymous, told KXAN that their daughter alerted them to the assignment:

“She called me telling me that their theater teacher was telling them that they were gonna have to reenact a violent school shooting, where they had to actually pretend to die." The parent added "You don’t have students, 16 year-old, 17 year-old students reenact something that they’re truly afraid of.”

The parent then made their way to the school, where they talked to the assistant principal of Johnson High School, where they stated the assignment "was not part of the lesson plan that they ever agreed to."

KXAN reports that the district could, based on the inquiry, forbid the substitute from teaching in their institutions. As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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