(Salado, Texas)  - All of us at one point in our lives, we all tried pizza. There's no need to explain what pizza is, but we all have our favorites don't we? Personally, I love just a regular pepperoni pizza.

There are many to choose from in terms of toppings, and yes even people choose pineapple to be a topping, which some of us still can't understand. But regardless, one thing is for sure: Pizza is the one thing that everyone seems to love.

Which leads to why so many times it's brought as a party food, or it's a main dish at dinner sometimes. But some believe their pizza is one of the best around. So to help decide which pizza pie is the best of the best, some competitions are held.

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And for those wondering, yes there is indeed a competition coming soon to Central Texas regarding pizza.

The First Ever Texas Pizza Fest In Salado

Taking place on March 4th of 2023, the event will take place at Barrow Brewing. According to the event page, multiple pizza makers will involved in the event, such as Treno Pizzeria and Happy Pizza Company to name two.

Included in the ticket fee will be four tickets that will be used so attendees will be able to vote on their favorite pies. Hopefully, there won't be any pizzas that have pineapple on them.

Look, I had state my peace before we finished talking about it alright?

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