We know, Halloween rolls around every year on October 31st and it is always the same thing year after year, right? Well, not in Temple, Texas where one of the top rated haunts in the whole state occurs and the fear factor is pushed to new limits each season.

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Silo of Screams is annually ranked as one of the best reviewed haunted house experience by The Scare Factor and many other sites dedicated to the love all things Halloween haunted attractions. The fall frights will be every Friday and Saturday night, plus Halloween beginning at 8 PM.

What are some of the reasons to check out Silo of Screams in Temple, Texas?

One of the biggest reason I like to take my friends and family is because Silo of Screams is locally owned and operated, so when you attend you're supporting local scene masters, actors, and Halloween enthusiasts. Plus, it is so convenient.

Why would you travel all over the Lone Star State to end up having an experience that you simply can't beat in your own backyard? Local factotum Aaron Savage is an expert on everything Central Texas and compiled a comprehensive list on the elite status of Silo of Screams.

You definitely don't want to miss out on one of the areas greatest experiences that is only available through Halloween night. The question is not whether you and everyone you know should attend, it is how many times will you line up to enjoy it again and again.

10 Reasons You'll Have a Scary Good Time at Silo of Screams In Temple

The Silo of Screams is one of Texas' top haunted attractions, and it's located right here in Temple at 1511 Industrial Blvd. That's the perfect location if you think about it. The industrial sounds help mask the screams of their victims!

If you're in the Halloween spirit and ready to be left quaking with terror, here are 10 reasons you should brave the dark depths of the Silo of Screams in Temple! 💀

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