There's one thing in Texas that we all dread coming: the heat.

The entire state prepares for the searing hot temperatures the summer months bring. With temps hitting triple digits more often, many simply try to avoid going outside for long periods of time. But more than just us, the heat Texas affect everything us as well.

We've all seen the grass turn brown, as well as water restrictions be in place to help ease the stress of the season. But, things could potentially get worse for the state of Texas if another extremely hot summer happens in the Lone Star State.

If trends are to continue, the Texas water supply itself could face major problems.

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Texas Water Supply In Limbo, Unless Something Changes Soon

According to Inside Climate News, Texas isn't currently receiving the necessary rains during winter and spring to help grow the water reservoirs to normal levels. Back to back to scorching summers certainly hasn't helped the cause,

Further details about Central Texas reveal that due to the immense growth of the population, especially around Austin, things haven't been looking up. According to the data collected, Austin's Lake Travis, originally at 80% of its water supply in 2022, is now down to 38% to begin 2024.

But, could there be something that could reverse this bad fortune? Yes, but it'll need to happen soon.

What Could Help Texas Before Another Hot Summer?

Inside Climate News reports that relief could come in the form of a hurricane placed in the right area, or simply more rain coming in the year of 2024. But at the time of writing, things aren't looking up.

So everyone, looks like we'll need to start doing our rain dances!

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