Ah the day of love. It's a chance to show those whom you care about the most, how much you care. There are so many ways celebrate the day, and the various ways to celebrate would be too long to list.

Some simply have a nice dinner and exchange gifts. Other take in a movie together. But some let's say *ahem* enjoy other's company up close and personal. This might lead to a new member of the family being created.

But many couples enjoy their personal moment of company, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating. But why do we mention this? Well, it turns out, the baby boom is very real in the Lone Star State.

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Texas Is How High On The List In Regards To The Valentine's Baby Boom?

The data for the births nine months later after Valentine's day comes to us from Betway. With so much area that Texas covers, you would think they would be number one for Valentine's Day bundles of joy. But in truth, Texas isn't number one!

Shockingly, The Lone Star State was beat out by...UTAH?!? Consider us red-faced and shocked at the thought. But data collected showed the birth rate for November, (which for those doing quick math, 9 months later!) in Utah is 1.101 per 1,000 people.

Texas places at second on the list, averaging 1.083 per 1,000 people. So it's close, but Utah barely Texas by a small margin. Regardless of how you celebrate the day of love, remember to enjoy others' company responsibly and safely!

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