The total solar eclipse happening in Texas has been a long time coming.

When the last one, in regards to a total solar eclipse happened in the Lone Star State, NBC DFW revealed the year was 1878! So this is certainly a once in a lifetime event for many. But many wonder what things were back like then.

With the growth of technology, old ways of recording events have changed. Video and audio qualities have constantly gotten better, and the growth of streaming has made it so anybody can witness the major event from all over the world. But, how did people see the event back in the day?

As it turns out, we have video evidence of what it looked like, courtesy of NBC DFW!

Classic News Report Shows How Far We've Come Technologically In Texas

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So to find out what exactly we're talking about, we turn to Tik Tok. NBC DFW, when they looked through archives of various media, found a retro news report from Texas News. The organization was at SMU's campus for the event, which you can see here:

There's something so intriguing and interesting about how video and audio from the 70s seems older due to the growth of technology over the years. Also, eclipse glasses weren't a thing apparently. More like eclipse shades are we right?

Thank goodness we'll be in an age where things will be easier to see on TV!

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