Central Texas has been noticing something strange as of late.

There are many great things about the area to notice of course. But when something sticks out, it is noticed by man. But what exactly is this weird thing we're talking about?

Could it be some type of viral marketing stunt? Is something being built that nobody knows what it could be? Or is there somebody in the Lone Star State that has created a new item that is bound to take the state and nation by storm?

Well it's none of those things. Instead, it's this weird haze that's suddenly appeared in the area. What in the world could be the cause of it?

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The Cause Of The Haze In Central Texas

Per KCEN, the haze has become so noticeable that residents in the area have begun to search the web for any answer. The answer itself is a combination of factors. One is because of the weather, the other being something we can't control.


As reported by KCEN, Mexico has started an agricultural burn to assist the next growing season. This burn rids the area of the previous harvest. But, the fire smoke has to go somewhere right?

Thanks to south winds, the smoke can find its path to the Lone Star State. But, it's not only the winds helping, humidity in Texas is playing a part as well. Plus, there's a cover on the airspace that is keeping contaminants around.

All in all, the haze will eventually make its way out of Texas. We'll just have to wait it out, as reported by KCEN. Though, it is a reminder to drive safe if you end up in the haze!

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