If you want to do this in winter, New Mexico is one of the best states for it ... Texas works really well too.

The Albuquerque Journal says New Mexico is the second best state in the union in which to hike, during winter, after Arizona.

Makes sense with Arizona having good weather, varying terrain and mild winters. Things that apply to most of Texas as well.

The rankings for best winter hiking state were based not only on weather conditions but also on the number of hiking trails per person and the average trail ratings.

Hiking is not only fun, it's good for you. Among other things, hiking builds stronger bones, improve balance and heart health and can ease some respiratory problems.

Whether you're strolling along a trail or practically scaling a mountain, it's an enjoyable and healthy way to enjoy the great outdoors.

New Mexico does offer some serious winter conditions while Arizona and west Texas don't have much snow, ice, rain, etc, to deal with.

Some hiking tips include: leave no trace, pick a trail with the right difficulty for your experience, pack the essential (water, snacks, extra layers, sunscreen, bug repellent), understand your map, start your hike as early as possible if you want fewer people, check the weather, check to see if you need a permit, tell someone (who is not going with you) that you’re going, pace yourself, watch for wildlife, and learn proper hiker etiquette. - worldpopulationreview.com

All important things to keep in mind but, to me, the critical ones are: let people know where you're going, be aware of dangerous wildlife, bring water and know your limitations.

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