You might not have realized it but Houston, Texas is the home to one of the youngest billionaires in the United States. Of course, Texas is no stranger to being home to rich people, but not many people become billionaires before they hit 50 years old. Only a few names like Mark Zuckerberg & Brian Chesky are able to pull that off. But that is the case of Scott Duncan, who has a stake with the Enterprise Products Partners natural gas & crude oil pipeline company in Houston, Texas.

Who is Scott Duncan from Texas?

The heir to the Enterprise Products Partners fortune from his late father Dan Duncan, Scott Duncan has a stake of over $7 billion. His father Dan founded Enterprise in 1968 with just $10,000 & 2 propane trucks.

He first became a billionaire when he inherited a 3.1 billion stake in 2010, at the age of 27. Scott currently is worth $7.4 billion dollars & Scott is also currently #128 in the Forbes 400 Wealthiest Americans in 2023.

While his personal life is pretty well private, we do know he was born in 1983 & he currently resides in Houston, Texas & went to school at Houston Community College. Forbes also did a profile on Scott, stating that he has 3 siblings, all has also received a stake in their father's firm in 2010; his sister Randa is the non-executive chairman of Enterprise Products. Meanwhile Scott currently is the company's private equity investor.

The Duncan Family even started The Duncan Family Institute for Cancer Prevention and Risk Assessment in 2008 in hopes to discovering cures for cancer & develop new ways to battle/prevent cancer.

The Duncans aren't the only billionaires from Texas, you can see more below.

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