Talk about a Texas-sized victory! One lucky San Antonio man was named the winner of DoorDash's "All the Ads" Super Bowl sweepstakes contest!

In case you missed it; DoorDash announced that, during the Super Bowl, they would run an ad and when you entered the correct code from the ad into their website, you were entered to win EVERYTHING from the Super Bowl ads!

DoorDash didn't make it easy, though. The correct promo code was super lengthy, and from one listener who let me know, the application was lengthy as well! According to our listener, who said his daughter entered the contest, the application took over ten minutes to fill out!

In the end, one lucky winner got it all- and it turns out it's a Texan! Jonathan H. from San Antonio is the lucky winner!

Last week, DoorDash announced that they were preparing for the winner's delivery.

But just what did Jonathan H. win? Well, it's a lot! Among the prizes?

  • $20,000 Dream Vacation
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics One year subscription of e.I.f.'s hottest drops and the entire Halo Glow collection
  • BMW i5 M60 electric vehicle
  • $50,000 toward a Home Down Payment
  • Toyota 2024 truck
  • Google Google Pixel 8
  • T-Mobile $600 toward one year of 5G home internet
  • 30 pound bucket of mayonnaise

And that's just the beginning! DoorDash revealed the receipt for the entire sweepstakes!

Can you imagine when all the trucks show up to Jonathan's home? And how exactly would you use a bucket a mayonnaise? I have so many questions that I hope Jonathan H. comes forward and shares the journey with us!


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