50 Cent reacts to a report that Cassie is cooperating with federal authorities in the Diddy investigation.

50 Cent Reacts to Cassie News

On Wednesday (April 3), 50 Cent weighed in on a TMZ report that claimed Cassie has been in touch with federal authorities about Diddy's reported sex trafficking investigation. On Instagram, Fif shared a screenshot of a news report about the Cassie news, which can be seen below. In the caption of the post, the G-Unit head honcho wrote, "Oh yeah, it’s not looking good for the Diddler. LOL," referencing the nickname the internet has given Puff.

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Diddy Investigation Continues

On May 25, Diddy's homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by agents for the Department of Homeland Security, reportedly as the result of information gathered in multiple lawsuits filed against Diddy in the past five months. Cassie sued Diddy last November and accused him of years of sexual and physical abuse. Diddy quickly settled the lawsuit. However, it is unclear if the former R&B singer received the settlement. Cassie is not the only person reportedly telling what she knows. Two other women and a man have reportedly also spoken with authorities about the case.

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Check out 50 Cent's post weighing in on the news that Cassie is cooperating against Diddy below.

See 50 Cent's Instagram Post

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