UPDATE (May 14):

B.G.'s attorney has released the following statement to XXL about his current legal issue.

"We look forward ot appearing before the Honorable Judge Susie Morgan and explaining
that the probation office in Las Vegas where he is being supervised has represented how
compliant Mr. Dorsey has been," the statement reads. "We will also discuss his strong desire, consistent with the public's desire for him to return to his music career. Mr. Dorsey intends on finishing his supervision consistent with the law."


B.G.'s lyrics may have to be vetted by his probation officer if a judge agrees with a motion filed in connection to his probation.

Prosecution Pushes for B.G. Lyrics to Be Approved

On Monday (May 13), AllHipHop broke the news about the latest update in B.G.'s legal saga. According to the site, United States Attorney Maurice E. Landrieu Jr. has filed a new motion in the rapper's case, which points out B.G.'s recent song lyrics, arguing they promote violence, drug dealing and discourage people from cooperating with law enforcement. The motion specifically names the tracks "Say My Grace" and "Waaaahhhh! The Comeback Kid."

Prosecutors are reportedly requesting a hearing to address their concerns where they will mandate that he provide a written copy of all his song lyrics to his probation officer to be analyzed for approval. In addition, B.G. will be banned from working with anyone who has a felony conviction without prior approval from the court.

XXL has reached out to B.G., B.G.'s attorneys and the U.S. Attorney for comment.

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B.G. Faces Legal Hurdle Following Release From Prison

B.G. was released from prison last September after serving 11 years for gun possession and witness tampering. Since his release, he's remained productive, graduating from the Hope for Prisoners program shortly after his release and putting out a joint album with Gucci Mane titled Choppas & Bricks last December.

However, in March, he was arrested for probation violations. Authorities claim B.G. went against a federal mandate when he performed with Boosie at a show in Las Vegas on Feb. 8. They also pointed out B.G. working with Gucci Mane, a convicted felon, on their joint album. B.G.'s attorneys denied the rapper violated, saying he had permission to perform with Boosie.

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