Blueface says his relationship with Chrisean Rock is more like jail than true love.

On Sunday (April 23), British YouTube sneaker channel Kick Game released their latest episode with Blueface where the "Thotiana" rapper goes shopping for fresh kicks. During the interview, Blue is asked about his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend and whether or not Rock is Blue's soulmate.

"Hell no," Blueface responded at the 17:25-mark of the video below. "No. She's a f**king cellmate. That's what she is. We locked the f**k up. That's my cellmate. That's my celly."

"When I met her, she was wearing a backpack and a pair of cleats," Blueface continued. "I was shooting the Blue Girls show...She manipulated me. She appreciated everything until...You know how women are. Everybody. You get clout and fame and kinda start forgetting where you came from and start reacting for the fans and for the likes. So, she's at that point right now."

Blueface and Chrisean Rock's relationship definitely doesn't seem like a match made in heaven and at times has proven to be extremely toxic. Nevertheless, Chrisean Rock announced she is pregnant back in January, which initially appeared to cause more issues. Blueface questioned the paternity of the child multiple times and even suggested she get an abortion. In recent weeks, Blueface has been more accepting of the fact that the child is his, despite saying he will get a DNA test to prove he is the father. The couple recently shared possible baby names for the child.

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