Doja Cat says she once nearly got into a beef with an artist after doing a bad impression of them.

Doja Cat Tells Story of Almost Getting Into a Beef Over a Bad Impersonation

On Thursday (Feb. 15), Doja sat down for an interview with Therapy Gecko on Twitch and told a hilarious story about the time she almost beefed with another artist over a bad impression. Doja blamed the impersonation on having too much Celsius, a popular energy drink.

"So I have a really crazy Celsius story," Doja said. "I almost got into a beef because of Celsius, it's not me. I was singing a song and doing the voice of somebody else, like I filmed myself doing the song in a crazy voice and it was my really bad impression of that person and people took it super wrong. They thought that I was like trying to cause drama and issues when really I was just being a f**king a**hole. I was being dumb."

While Doja didn't name the artist, the Scarlet rapper previously made headlines when she impersonated Ariana Grande on her Instagram Live account in 2021. She also previously impersonated Beyoncé during a Twitch livestream back in February.

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Doja Cat Announces Scarlet Deluxe Edition

Elsewhere in her Therapy Gecko interview, Doja announced she'd soon be dropping a deluxe edition of her latest album Scarlet. The project will be called Scarlet 2: Claude Frollo.

"It's just a 8 song, 7 song something like that roughly," she said before explaining why she named the Scarlet sequel after The Hunchback of Notre Dame. "Because he is, is he a tyrant? I feel like it connects to the story of Scarlet in some way and if you look up his personality traits and like who he is and his story you'll understand kind of the whole connection. There's a control aspect, like he just abuses his power and his control, and is dogmatic, and is just a total c*nt and all Esmerelda wanted to do was be creative and sing and dance. But nasty old Claude Frollo is just having a field day on her."

Doja wouldn't say when fans can expect the project.

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Watch Doja Cat tells the story of almost getting into a beef below.

Watch Doja Cat Tell a Story of Almost Getting Into a Beef Over a Bad Impersonation

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