The Fulton County, Ga. government is under a cyberattack that could affect the ongoing YSL RICO trial.

On Wednesday (Feb. 14), notorious hacker group LockBit 3.0 reportedly claimed via the dark web that they are responsible for a cybersecurity breach that has been plaguing the Fulton County government for weeks. According to Atlanta News First, LockBit has locked Fulton County out of many government-related systems. At the same time, the ransomware group threatens to release documents that may potentially include confidential information regarding Young Thug, his associates and even the trial's jury.

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Fulton County Government Faces Cyber Hack and Threats of Released Confidential Documents

While the dark web post made by LockBit 3.0 is hidden from public's eye, screenshots obtained by Atlanta News First find the group reportedly exposing confidential information they have accessed from Fulton County. The hackers appear to be holding the county for an undisclosed ransom with a deadline of Friday morning (Feb. 16). If their demands are not met, LockBit 3.0 claims they will leak the private information publicly.

"We will demonstrate how local structures negligently handled information protection," LockBit 3.0's alleged threat reads in the screenshot below. "We will reveal lists of individuals responsible for confidentiality. Documents marked as confidential will be made publicly available. We will show documents related to access to the state citizens' personal data. We aim to give maximum publicity to this situation, the documents will be of interest to many. Conscientious residents will bring order."

Without mentioning LockBit 3.0 by name, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners Robb Pitts addressed the situation during a news conference on Wednesday. He confirmed that hackers are believed to be behind the cyberattack and an investigation is underway.

"This is a serious matter and it will take time to resolve," Pitts says in the video below. "While our investigation remains ongoing, we do have evidence that suggests this was a result of a ransomware incident caused by financially motivated actors."

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Will Young Thug's YSL Rico Trial Be Affected by Fulton County's Cyber Hack?

Now, the big question is: If Fulton County's confidential information is leaked by the hacker group, what affect will it have on Young Thug's YSL RICO Trial? According to a post made by ThuggerDaily on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Thursday, the identities of the jurors assigned to the ongoing trial could be part of the leak. However, whether or not LockBit 3.0 has access to the jurors' private information has yet to be confirmed.

XXL has reached out to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for a statement on the matter as it pertains to Young Thug's YSL RICO trial.

Check out ThuggerDaily's tweet below to see LockBit 3.0's demands and the information they reportedly intend to leak if their demands are not met.

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