GloRilla has responded to Method Man after he doubted that she didn't know who he was.

Last Tuesday (May 2), a video was released on journalist Jeremy Hecht's Instagram page showing an interview he did with Method Man on the red carpet of the 2023 Grammy Awards. In the clip, the Wu-Tang Clan member mentioned that GloRilla's music gets played a lot in his household.

But Meth said when he met the Memphis rap star he didn't think she knew who he was. Despite this, he praised her for being nice to him during their interaction. "So, that speaks volumes to her character. Love her," he added.

Big Glo caught wind of Method Man's comments and responded by resharing an image of his red-carpet interview on her Instagram Story. The "Tomorrow 2" rapper insisted that she knew who the veteran wordsmith was when she met him. Glo captioned the photo, "@methodmanofficial I most definitely know who you was lol big fan."

Although GloRilla insisted she was familiar with Meth, fans on social media zeroed in on Method Man's initial response that he thought she didn't know who he was when they met.

One person praised Method Man for his humility despite thinking that Glo didn't recognize his stature in the rap game.

"Method Man saying Glorilla was nice to him even though he knew she didn’t know who he was.. humility has kept him aging gracefully bc some other pioneers would have gotten so disrespectful," she tweeted.

She continued: "The reporter asked him who was his favorite new artist? He said that he didn’t listen to today’s music but she was an artist he gave respect to because she was nice to him & embraced him in-spite of not knowing his significance."

Other people thought it was ridiculous for GloRilla to not know who Method Man was since she's a rapper herself.

"How are you a rapper and don't know Method Man??....This has gotto be a joke right , Glorilla?????" wrote one fan.

Another person typed: "GloRilla not knowing who Method Man is is hilarious."

To be clear, GloRilla knew who Method Man was, Meth simply read her body language wrong.

Read Gorilla's Response to Method Man's Comment Below

GloRilla responds to Method Man.

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