Hitmaka has seemingly sparked beef with Hit-Boy following comments the producer formerly known as Yung Berg recently made about him during an interview on Hot 97.

On Wednesday (March 8), Hitmaka and Jim Jones were guests on Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning to promote their new joint project Back in My Prime. During the sit-down, the competitiveness of the producer came out when Ebro mentioned his name alongside Hit-Boy as the two producers who have the game on smash.

"See, I'm on the radio. Hit-Boy is not on the radio," Hitmaka said. "I love Hit-Boy. Hit-Boy is a legend. He's a legendary producer. He been doing it way longer than me. He's a great guy. But I'ma keep it a bean though, if you play the soundtrack to your life for the last four or five years on radio, I know it's gotta be frustrating with him because our names are so similar, my brother. But Hitmaka. Nah, shout out to Hit-Boy, we love him."

"He knows it's genuine love in there," Hitmaka said when Jim Jones and the show hosts reacted to the comment. "We should contact him and get some Hit-Boy records that won't be on the radio," Hitmaka added when Jim Jones implied this might prevent him from getting Hit-Boy beats.

"I'm just competitive," Hitmaka continued. "This is where I will give Hit-Boy his praise, though. He's been running longer than I been running in that field."

It didn't take long for Hit-Boy to respond to Hitmaka's comments. He did so in song form by sharing a clip of a track where he addresses the situation, on Wednesday night.

"I just seen Yung Berg spoke on the wave/I should do him like Trick Trick and snatch hit out of his name," Hit-Boy raps over a soul sample, referencing Hitmaka's infamous chain-snatching incident in Detroit in 2008. "I had the code to the game/I had the coldest of days/I'm like Deebo on his cruiser/How you got no credits with no coproducers?/It's time to give these ni***s the royal flush/no Roto-Rooter."

Hitmaka has been in a similar position before. Back in 2021, he and Mustard traded shots after Hitmaka said Mustard wanted no parts of battling him in a Verzuz.

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