Kendrick Lamar's juxtaposition of arguably being one of the greatest rappers of his time, but also being extremely elusive offers an explanation for fans interest in just about anything Kendrick. Especially when it comes to K-Dot posting on social media or his finsta page.

Kendrick Lamar Shares a Cryptic Message on His Finsta

On Tuesday (March 19), Kendrick Lamar uploaded an extremely cryptic post on his finsta, jojoruski, which drew questions from fans about what it was Kendrick was even talking about. Some of K-Dot's supporters were lost and likely still are. Kendrick post's includes a carousel of photos, specifically a picture of a Buick GNX that appears to have been delivered to the rapper.

"Aye life get real tricky," Kendrick began in the caption. "No matter where you at with it. i never pick and choose what stories to relate to. all of them is relative. like my momma say tho. different strokes for different folks. a good ol saying can snap you back into reality sometimes. but in the moment of confusion, the best thing you can do is find a gnx. make you realize the only thing that matters in life is that original paper work. that TL2 code. 1 of 547. yea i finally changed. its over with. dhz. my big cousin pat dogg smiling down. anybody wanna line it up. i’ll pull heem off the floor and flip yo s**t."

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Kendrick Lamar Fans Are Confused About His Instagram Post

Fans were confused about the post overall and shared their thoughts in the comment section of Kung Fu Kenny's post.

One person said, "Don't know what u sayin but much love."

Another typed, "Wtf is bro saying."

However, it looks like Kendrick is just enjoying his new, souped up whip.

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Kendrick Lamar Fans Discover His Finsta Page

Reports emerged online last June of fans discovering Kendrick Lamar's burner Instagram page, which at that point, had 300,000 followers and contained photos of iconic artists such as Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson.

Check out Kendrick Lamar's cryptic post that has fans confused below.

See Kendrick Lamar's Finsta Post

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