Key Glock was recently arrested by police in Atlanta and he captured the incident on Instagram Live.

Key Glock Detained on IG Live

On Thursday (March 28), Key Glock hopped on IG Live and viewers were greeted by a video of the rapper and an associate sitting in the back of a cop car. In the video, which can be seen below, the officer notifies Glock he will be ticketed for a small amount of weed that was discovered in the car. However, the two men's troubles don't stop there. There were also guns found in the vehicle and the rapper's associate has open warrants.

At one point in the video, Key Glock is notified that he is being arrested for two felonies. The incident apparently came as the result of a traffic stop for tinted windows.

The Atlanta Police Department has confirmed Key Glock was arrested in a statement released to XXL on Friday (March 29).

"Cathey was arrested on March 28th during a traffic stop at the location of 1960 Piedmont Rd NE regarding an out of jurisdiction arrest warrant and possession of marijuana," the statement reads. "The report detailing the arrest is still in the process of completion at this time."

XXL has reached out to Key Glock's team for comment.

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Key Glock Preps New Project

Key Glock is currently working on new music after dropping his most recent album Glockoma 2 last February. Last June, the Memphis rapper released the single "Let's Go."

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Check out footage of Key Glock being arrested while on Instagram Live below.

Watch Key Glock Record Himself Being Arrested

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