A video that surfaced on the internet this week appears to show King Von telling the police that he wants protective custody due to his sexual orientation.

King Von Tells Police He Wants Protective Custody Due to His Sexuality

On Tuesday (July 18), an Instagrammer who goes by @chiraq_rares posted a video of the late King Von detained in jail in 2017. In the clip, which can be seen below, King Von asked the police for protective custody because of his sexual orientation. At the beginning of the footage, King Von questioned his cellmate's religious beliefs because they allegedly have an issue with the queer community.

"They're supposed to be a Christian at the end of the day," King Von said in the video. "But they got a problem with gay people."

Once King Von expressed his concerns, the police asked the late Chicago rapper if he's seeking protective custody due to his sexuality. King Von confirmed that this safety measure is precisely what he's seeking before explaining why he's requesting it.

"They got a problem with me," King Von explained. "I don't ever start nothing."

XXL has reached out to King Von's team and the Cook County Sheriff's Department for comment.

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Why Was King Von Detained to Begin With?

King Von's stint in jail in 2017 could possibly be linked to his arrest in 2014 for allegedly fatally shooting Malcolm Stuckey and wounding two others. In May of 2014, King Von, whose real name is Dayvon Bennett, and his associate Michael Wade reportedly approached Stuckey and two other people as they were sitting on the porch at a party. Moments later, King Von and Wade allegedly began shooting at the victims before fleeing the scene. Two months later, King Von was charged with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder for the killings. In December of 2017, King Von walked free after witnesses failed to testify.

King Von's Death

King Von was shot and killed in Atlanta in November of 2020. Timothy Leeks, an associate of Quando Rondo, has been charged with the killing, which was preceded by Von starting a fight with Quando outside an Atlanta hookah lounge.

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Watch the video that appears to show King Von telling police that he wants protective custody due to his sexual orientation below.

Watch the Video That Appears to Show King Von Telling Police That He Wants Protective Custody Due to His Sexual Orientation Below

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