A man is alleging to make money chaperoning tourists to King Von's Chicago mural but people are calling cap on his claims.

Man Earns Money Taking Tourists to King Von Mural?

On Wednesday (July 12), a Chicago man who goes by Tae Marlon on Facebook claimed he'd made a quick side hustle from ushering tourists to King Von's mural across from the infamous Parkway Gardens apartments a.k.a. O Block. In the Facebook post, Tae poses with two White men with bikes who look like Jehovah's Witnesses in front of the large mural.

"Nothing Just Made Them Give Me $200 Each," he captioned the post.

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People Have Doubts About the Man's Claims

Some people on social media have doubts about the claims made by Tae, who has himself listed as a comedian on Facebook.

"Fake. They were already in the neighborhood proselytizing," someone commented on Twitter.

"All [cap]... Those are clearly jehovas witnesses that be in every hood recruiting with no problems," someone else commented.

"Them Mormons they hood certified. They ain’t paying. Lol," another post reads.

King Von was shot and killed in November of 2020. A large mural was erected in his honor across the street from his O Block stomping ground a short time after his death. Von's second posthumous album, Grandson, was released today (July 14).

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Check out photos of "tourists" at King Von's mural and reactions below.

See Photos of the Man Claiming to Have Made Money Taking Tourists to King Von's Mural and Reactions Below

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