In a viral video, Quavo asks a fan for a Takeoff tribute T-shirt he’s wearing, and the fan removes it from his back without hesitation.

Quavo Asks Fan for Takeoff Tribute Shirt and Fan Quickly Gives It to Him

On Saturday (Dec. 2), Quavo posted on his Instagram account a video of himself interacting with fans in Tokyo, Japan. In the clip, Quay spotted one person rocking a very cool vintage-inspired Takeoff T-shirt. The Migos rapper loved the tee so much that he wanted to have the shirt immediately.

"Let me see that shirt, my boy. Yeah, you got that muthaf**ka on," Quavo said in the clip, which can be viewed below. "Oh, that s**t hard."

“Where you get this? Let me get one, please. Can I have it? I want it, yes,” he then asked the fan.

At first, the fan was stunned by his request, but quickly gave him the shirt, which left him shirtless and with his chest exposed.

"Thank you, bro," a grateful Quavo told the young man. "Hold on, what you want? I'll give you some money for it. Let me take my camera off ya chest."

It's unclear how much money Quavo gave the man for the T-shirt, but the tee appeared to be a rare item.

Nevertheless, the Atlanta rhymer experienced some real fan generosity while traveling in Tokyo, Japan, or as Quavo called it, "Takyo, Japan," in honor of his nephew.

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Quavo Still Mourns the Loss of Takeoff

Quavo is still grieving the loss of his beloved nephew, who passed away in November of 2022.

Back in July of 2023, Quavo released a video remembering the late Migos member. At the 8:22-mark of the black-and-white video, which can be viewed below, Honcho opens up about how Takeoff’s death has impacted him. The "Without You" artist admitted that he sometimes cries himself to sleep because of his late nephew’s death.

"I think about him all the time," Qua revealed. "Sometimes I cry myself to sleep, you know, and that's it. I just know he's here. I know that if I can't feel him I just know he's around."

Although Takeoff is no longer with us, his musical legacy will live on forever.

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Check out Quavo receiving a Takeoff tribute shirt from a fan who quickly takes it off his back below.

Watch Quavo Ask a Fan for His Takeoff Tribute Shirt and the Fan Gives It to Him Right Off His Back

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