An artist has created the first-ever Takeoff wax figure and shared the process on social media.

World's First Takeoff Wax Figure Created

On Monday (Jan. 29), an artist who goes by on Instagram shared video of a detailed wax figure he created in the likeness of late rapper Takeoff, who was shot and killed in November of 2022. In the video, which can be seen below, Mr. Officials tells the touching story behind his creation and shows parts of the creative process.

"I haven’t posted in a while and here’s why," he says over top of the video. "I’m grieving and I’m mourning and I didn’t even know it. Some of you may or may not notice that I’m closing my business after three years. I’m losing my car, it’s on its last wheel. I’m driving a 14-year-old car and I soon won’t have that. I’ll be homeless if all goes well. Now before you begin to feel sorry for me, I’m OK. My gift will make room for me because it always has, and even with all my losses I still believe that this is my year. I’ve heard God say over and over finish what you started. So I thought well maybe I could finish some sculptures. I could finish workin’ on some projects that I started on but it’s way too expensive and like I said I need a new car. He kept saying to me this is not about you. Your gift is to inspire. Finish what you started."

He continues: "So, as I continue to finish workin’ on projects. I begin to grieve and mourn the individuals that I was workin’ on. Crying while creating, this young man I’ve been workin’ on is deceased and yet I still feel a sense to pray for him. Prayin’ for his soul prayin’ for his family, friends and band members. That’s when it hit me. This will be the year that I take off. God was using me in the life and legacy of the late rapper Takeoff to let me know that he has not forgotten about me. And what’s funny is this isn’t even my prayer. My prayer is not to have a new house or a new car or a new business. My prayer is for this to be your year of Takeoff. Your job will go to another level. Your marriage will go to another level. Even your finances and health will increase. I believe that this will be the year to Takeoff."

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Other Takeoff Tributes

There have been multiple tributes to Takeoff in the wake of his tragic death. Last April, Offset got a massive back tattoo in memory of his fallen bandmate. Last June, an Atlanta artist created a tattoo of the rapper that was awarded a Guinness World Record for being the largest tattoo artwork in the world.

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See video of an artist creating the first-ever Takeoff wax figure below.

Watch Takeoff's Lifelike Wax Figure Being Made

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