Trippie Redd went through some drama trying to get his latest album, Mansion Musik, into the ears of his devoted fans. According to the 2018 XXL Freshman, hackers threatened to leak his album if he didn't cough up $1 million.

In an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, which was posted on YouTube last Thursday (Feb. 2), Trippie Redd revealed that songs for his Mansion Musik album were initially hacked and held for a $1 million ransom.

"I was held for ransom on my project," the Ohio rapper said at the 13-minute mark in the video below. "They wanted me to pay them a million dollars because they had all my records. Every single last one. All the features."

So Trippie had to rush the project out to thwart the hackers. In doing so, however, some of the songs on the LP weren't mixed properly, including "Krzy Train" featuring Travis Scott.

"On top of that, the Travis [Scott] song, I had it, but I didn’t have the session, so that's what Travis sent to me, I didn’t mix it, my engineer didn't mix it," he explained. "And I had to run it, because, if I didn't the whole project would've leaked and it would have been a big thing."

But don't fret, Trippie Redd said he plans to re-upload Mansion Musik again with properly mixed versions of the songs.

Hacking is a big issue in the hip-hop music industry and is costing rappers and record labels a lot of money that can't be recouped. However, artists and their teams are making concerted efforts to implement security tools to protect their recorded music sessions from sneaky hackers.

Watch Trippie Redd Talk About Hackers and More in His Interview with Apple Music Below

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