Wack 100 is asking for answers as to why more and more young rappers are wearing fingernail polish and Trippie Redd has responded.

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), Wack 100 hopped on Instagram with a query for his followers about the fingernail polish trend in hip-hop.

"I’ve been getting this question about the youngsters wearing fingernail polish," he started in the video below. "Me personally, I don’t wear fingernail polish—I’m from a different era; I’m a ’70s baby. I wear one earring, not two. That’s just our thing. So I say, 'Shit, I gotta ask the youngsters.' ‘Cause I know a lot of youngsters—Trippie Redd, NBA [YoungBoy], Lil Uzi [Vert]—I know these men, these men are not feminine, these men are not gay, they’re very masculine, they’re very stand-up individuals."

"But they’re bringing them up like, 'Yo, Wack, they wearing fingernail polish. Why?,'" he continued. "I say, 'I don’t know, it’s a different era.' When I grew up, niggas was sagging their pants. My parents and uncles was like, 'What y’all doing with your ass out, nigga? That’s gay.' But it wasn’t gay, it was just some trendy shit we was doing."

With no answers to give, Wack 100 asked his followers for help.

"So now I’m coming to y’all," he added. "To to the youngsters out there, I’m hearing something about emo and all this other shit. Can y’all leave a comment down below on what the fingernail polish represent? Because of some of the youngsters I mentioned that I know, I don’t think it means it that [they’re feminine]. I just think it’s another type of movement. But I don’t know. They’re asking me this fucking question on Clubhouse and I ain’t got no answer for it, so I’m not gonna make no assumption about it. So y’all leave a comment below so I can go back and have this conversation."

Trippie Redd caught wind of the post on an Instagram blog and responded in the comment section.

"It’s a way of expressing ur feelings," he typed. "Being true to your self and self care."

Rappers wearing fingernail polish is becoming more common these days, with artists like Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Kid Cudi and others often seen rocking colored nails and at times facing criticism for it. Back in 2021, Yachty launched an all-gender nail polish line.

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